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Genomic companion for biologics

in-line bioreactor monitoring through real time sequencing

The bioproduction challenge

By 2024, forecasts indicate that 50% of the top 100 most prescribed drugs will be biologics, accounting for 32% of the overall pharmaceutical market. Therapeutic progress and patient access to new biotherapies now rely on bioproduction capacity and performance.

We are committed to provide innovative in line biosensors to help researchers to develop new and efficient expression systems, efficiently manage scale up phase, and for pharma company, secure their large production.

Company vocation

GenSensor was founded with a vision to become a game changer in the field of genomic based in-line bioproduction monitoring

Our company combines the development of a robotic device with an advanced analytics software to monitor, characterize, optimize your bioproduction of ATMP and vaccines

Science behind it


We combine cutting edge fluidics, microfluidics, sample preparation, long-read sequencing and bioinformatics to provide an integrated robot to monitor bioreactors

Bioprocess companion

Choose when to seed / harvest
Monitor product quality, stability
Genomic information of your product/cells
Avoid late lot rejection

Application field

Biotechs developing ATMP
Gene & Cell therapy
Vaccines, viral vectors, RNA vaccines
Other Biotechs using bioreactors



Computational, cellular and molecular biology experts dedicated to better biologicals

Charles HEBERT, PhD

CEO, founder

Jean-Marie CHARPIN, PhD

President, founder

Where in the world

 immeuble Asturia Bâtiment C, 4 Rue Edith Piaf, 44800 Saint-Herblain


6 rue Edouard Nignon, BP 37201, 44372 NANTES Cedex 03