what we do

Our Mission

GenSensor was founded with a vision to become a game changer in the field of genomic based in-line bioproduction monitoring.

Our company combines the development of a robotic device with an advanced analytics software to monitor, characterize, optimize your bioproduction of ATMP and vaccines.

Science behind it


We combine cutting edge fluidics, microfluidics, sample preparation, long-read sequencing and bioinformatics to provide an integrated robot to monitor bioreactors


Choose when to seed / harvest
Monitor product quality, stability
Genomic information of your product/cells Avoid late lot rejection

Application field

Biotechs developing ATMP
Gene & Cell therapy
Vaccines, viral vectors, RNA vaccines
Other Biotechs using bioreactors

More than an
equipment supplier

We develop our own robots to make our technology accessible to as many people as possible. GenSensor is not only robotics, it is an access to biological data allowing you to better control your production system.

Our goal is to offer a real-time analysis, an inline sensor, a tool connected to your bioreactor and a powerful data analysis tool suite connected to your IS.