Behind every Success, a team


With respectively, 20 and 15 years of experience in biotechnology, Jean-Marie and Charles have founded GenSensor to help industrials to better understand and monitor biomedicine production.

Why GenSensor? To stop following the minimal bioreactor (the cell, a living organism) using only chemical and physical data. We promote genomic and transcriptomic usage at all steps of the biomedicine development: from the early phase in R&D to process setup, scale up phase and production.

The field asked us: so we did!

Our ambition is to maximize the use of innovative drugs and reduce their manufacturing costs for the benefit of patients.


Our team is composed by experts in molecular biology, sequencing, computer sciences and bioinformatics. Together, we have a strong experience in analytic, software and hardware development. Highly connected to our ecosystem, we develop our tools with well-recognized bioproducers (CDMO) and pharmaceutical companies. This is our signature: agile development for ready to deploy products.

Our Core Values

We do not display these values, we are these values:

Jean-Marie Charpin PhD


Charles Hébert PhD

CEO, founder

Anne-Sophie GARY

Cellular scientist

Léna Domalain MSc

Biomechanical Engineer

Damien Legrand