7th bioproduction Congress Lyon

GenSensor will be present at the MabDesign Network 7th Bioproduction Congress that takes place in Lyon this week. This congress is the annual event of the biopharmaceutical production sector, where stakeholders from Europe, gather together to showcase and exchange the latest innovations in bioprocessing. This dynamic event promotes exchanges on the future of bioproduction, adresses the current challenges …

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GenSensor will attend Bio-Europe 2022

GenSensor will be present at the BIO-Europe life sciences partnering convention which will bring together more than 2 000 life sciences players from over 50 countries on October 24-26 in Leipzig, Germany. Jean-Marie Charpin, Gensensor’s president, is delighted to present GenSensor innovation for bioproduction to the industry professionals and to share exciting partnering and investment opportunities.  Join us on …

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 Forum Atlanpole 2022

GenSensor développe des biocapteurs pour permettre aux industriels de produire des médicaments biologiques d’une façon plus efficace. Soutenu par Atlanpole depuis sa création, notre compagnie présentera ses travaux au forum Atlanpole 2022. Venez rencontrer Jean-Marie Charpin, président de GenSensor et échanger sur l’apport de nos technologies pour la production des médicaments innovants.